What is a radio consultant?

All of the world’s leading radio stations seek new ideas and perspectives from people who know the industry. It’s why we’re combining decades of experience and a passion for what we do with a proven approach to consultancy that works in the real world.

The result is a service that you can call on whenever you need to give your station a boost, your audience something new to think about, or you just want to refresh your approach. By building everything on a simple philosophy that we’ve used to help stations just like yours, we deliver a stress-free way to gain clarity, creativity, and direction.


Why you could need radio consultant?

One of the defining features of a radio consultant suggests that radio stations hire consultants because they possess a knowledge advantage. In the overlarge majority of cases this is the main reason; a radio station hires a radio consulting firm to provide expert advice that ultimately (should) lead to the resolution of an issue within the radio. There are however more reasons why consultants are hired:


• radio consultants are independent and provide an objective view on dilemma's and solutions
• external radio consultants are less susceptible to internal politics and/or sensitive situations
• hiring radio consultants may in certain areas be cheaper than retaining the expertise in-house
• when firms find themselves short in capacity for projects/positions radio consultants can backfill